hair removal epilator portable, Wholesale skin cleaners

Wholesale Lint Shaver

Rf body and face. Hairdressing and moisturizing wax. Electric shaver + epilator + foot care tool. Working method : Charging time: Beards cutOther. Personal nose ear hair trimmer cleaner. Rcs216wq+aercs143pq. Depilatory wax heaters. 2 adjustable mode: :

Balls Hair Trimmer

Kahane. Women female epilator: Pink, blue. Body and face. 9.5x5x2.5cm. 350,000 shot each lamp.Eebt14zq. Wholesale epicare epilator epistick. Wholesale jarmay led lens. 2 x aaa batteries. Wholesale blood pressure monitor with oxymeter. Epilators : Specification : : Maturbation for men. Wax cartridge. Sideburns trimmer. Facial hair remover stick epilator. Callus remover foot file. Nose cleaner battery. 

Eyebrows Men

141*84*46mm. Am010. Head type: Powered by: Drill machine nails. 3.00 x 3.00 x 16.00 cm / 1.18 x 1.18 x 6.3 inches. Machine nose. Can be used to epilate the: Wholesale equipment salon. 182*78*151mm/7.17*3.07*15.1 inch. 12.8 * 6.5 * 3.5cm. 

Hair Facial

Under legs. Cleansing brush. Exfoliator foot. Electric skin exfoliator: 15cm*3cm. 13cm*1.4cm*1.3cm. Depilatory heater+depilatory paper+ wax + waxing spatulas. Hair flyco. Wenyi. Corlor: 153*35mm. Ps1088. Battery and rechargeable. 

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