2500pcs/lot(50G) 7mm Light Golden square sequins Paillettes/PVC fashion accessories craft for Scrapbook Kid Diy Garments sewing

backpack ladies, gold rose sequin

Red Ladies Shoes

4inch. Gold/silver. Cape zebra. Type3: Sequin brown. 3mm flat dark green 4#. About 0.2mm. Age range: Size(eur ): Glitter. Star nail. Love heart. 8mm gingerbread man. Heart sequin nail. Dskm037. Bags garment shose diy accessories. Multi option. 3mm hollow star mix rose purple. 12mm fold solid lila. Light blue. 

Heart Shape Tops

Laser large. Ab transparent 119. Sequin flat mix. Mix melon yellow flesh. Beading for clothes. Sequin 50mm. Loose sequins. 3d satin. Crafting detailsSplit leather,cowskin. Animal head. 

Cup Rainbow

8mm heart ab white. 2*5mm. Multi mixCircle dream. Pj956. Glitter confetti. Fishing tackle: : Applicable: Wholesale easy scrapbooking. Breast petals: Laser dark blue. 32mm  pvc. 20g/bag (about 2000pcs). Wholesale royal velvet. Size: Quality. 8 laser colors for option. Processing method: Circular/alphabet/digital. 

Decorative Pillow Sequin

2010 kia rio. Blue feather shoes. Peach table runner. Free shipping. 500g sequin for clothing. Peach heart. Decor mint. 6mm paillettes. Yellow cup. Ab flesh. 3*3mm. Cp0812. 3mm cup ab tranparent. Each season. 13mm snowflakes. Lake blue color 5#. Crystal transparent. 

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