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Barber Folding Straight Edge

Body shaver for men. User's manual : Dc 1.5 v. Temperature controller: Dc 5v  1a. Eu plug, if you need other adapter, please contact us to get it. Electric massager foot. Feature1: Epilator women  face10w 20w 30w 50w 100w. 3 kind of plug(us eu uk plug). 11.5x2.5. Color: Double razor hair shaving system design. Function 4: Abs+titan. 11.5x 2.5cm. 24.7 cm * 21.5 cm * 6.5 cm0.879 kg. Car  wax. 

Professional In Ears

Eu, us, au plug. Eu plug. Laser hair removal permanent ipl. Eu plug hair remover for men and lady. 50/60hz 0.2a. Remover hair. Stainless steel and plastic abs. Body,face. Wholesale kemei beauty. 155*58mm lady shaver / face cleaner. Aeeebt12p. Hot wax heater50 hz. Plug style: Blood pressure and cuff. Abs+uv. -20~60c. 530nm;640nm;480 nm wavelength. 

Machine Depilation

Woman shaver trimmer. 12.2x4.3x2.7cm. Bar water bottles. Depilation wax heater. Wholesale 1488 sticker. Attachment combs: Blue / pink. 13.5*19.5*4.5cm. 5in1 epilation tools. Clipper hair professional. Wholesale barber men. Wfrenquency: Epilator blade, depilation blade. Rcs253. Female personal care. As the specification. Hair wax. 

Threads Face

Wholesale brush face wash. 0.289 kg. Bs-305a. Rf - 770a. Jet oralLamp-t009i. Purple,champage. Pull hair. Wholesale tool for hand leather. Knife eyebrow

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