40000PC/lot (0.5KG) Sequins For Crafts Sewing Decoration DIY Accessory for home decortation wedding decoration

fuchsia colour, red round sequins

The Shadow Sleeves

Bag nail box. Oval cup folded. Spandex,polyester. Crystal transparent. Nail sequins. Missomo. Champagne gold color. 3mmheartabtransparent20g. Indian scrapbooking. Trim bead sequin. 010001018. Duzjian cristiano ronaldo. Laser lila. Reversible change color sequins. As picture shows. Office/career. A8-ls1015. Laser silver color. Shoe dance bag. 

Nail Art Egg

20mm round cup. Lace ribbon trims. Kids: 7mm~50mm. Crystal ab. Multi color. Silver,red,green,yellow,royal blue,random mix. Happy birthday sequins. 3mm cup transparent melon. Love sequin parch. Aerobatic. Sequins scales. 6mm cup wholesale. Mixed 4 colorsAdjustable plastic buckle. 

Ribbon Appliqu

Purple. Wholesale decoration diamonds. Bag woman. Light golden color 4#. Lp0219. Moderate. 20mm ab transparent orange. 5mm flat squareWool & blends. Miss anne. 


Cotton bangladesh. 3-4mm. Ending handmade. 5mm snowflake ab green. Flower sequins. Wholesale confettis paillette. 30mm flat 5#. Size(eur ): Cinta correctora. Chair,car,seat,decorative. Glitter body powder. Crochet,weaving,hand knitting,cross stitch3mm flat 10. Gray color. 2017 new summer sequined lace women baseball caps casual snapbacksWhite red pink  color. Costume dance bag. Genuine leather type: Home decoration or cloth making. 

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