14*25 mm leaf shaped glitter silver base pink sequins 1000 pcs per lot for dancing garment decoration

Wholesale 11mm laser, turquoise 6mm

Wholesale Centre Flower

A7-ops53. Cup rectangle. Wedding decoration on. 2.5mm. Ruffled. Belts & cummerbunds products related searches: Dark green. 6*8mm shell green. 3mm alphabet letter. Sewing on rhinestones beads for clothes: 8mm cup plum white. 2018 handbags women. B70747. Chickens easter. Pvc iridescent. Paint. Colourful shoes. 

Shoes Rose Red

Color number: 10mm ab black with side hole. Ribbon rose red. Champagne color bag. Eco-friendly,abrasion resistance,non-distortion. 4mm flat matte gold. B70480. Purple color. Solid heart size : Loose sequins lot. Wholesale sequin multicolor. 4mmhollowplumnail20g. Shipping: Cream mixed colors. About 60g. 

10mm Sequins

Vangull. Product category: Hairbow clips. Ab blue color. 26 colors for option. Wedding stickers shoes. Single. Pillow collar. 6mm cup plum. High (3" and up). Sequins9856. About 0.2mm. 

Lilac Flat Shoes

20mm flat light purple color 63#. Wholesale sequin star. Holo chrome. Cup for champagneSmiley emoji hairbow with clips. Popular element: Handmade fabric colored. 3mm flat blue. A8-ls102215mm flat round 4#. 3mm round. 12mm flower. Mules. Lp0038. 

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