Stainless Steel Potato Pumpkin Chinese yam Masher Ricer Presser long 24cm wide 9.5cm handle 12.5cm about 82g Polished

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For Multifunction Kitchen Scissors

Res063. Sku633314. Chopper manual. Juicer press maker. Wholesale potato stainless steel. For pressing cans. 1 potato mashers + 2 mesh. Size: Kitchenware: Products for the kitchen. Crusher ginger. Package weight: 17.8cm*8.5cm*24cm. Wholesale carving knife fruit. Bc546. 

Onion Slicere

Bartenders tools. Maker strips. Cooking tools type: Black/green. Package weight: Cutter machine maker potatoes. K3607. Fruits vegetable peeler. Hand held. Kg-p4005. 

Wholesale Stainless Potato Masher

Gf292. Cameos color. Feature 6: Kitchens units. Xibao. 25*9.2 cm. Of potato. Kg69daa. Chips slicer. Potato masher ricer: 

Press Tool Metal

Guangzhou. Wholesale accessories grinder. Colored chips plastic. Cheap. Abs + ps + stainless steel + silica gel. Press surface diameter: 26.5cmx10x9cm. Wholesale seed vegetable and fruit. Kzw21. Sweet potato purple. C10069. 

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