Magift Bluetooth Transmitter A2DP Transmite Mini 3.5mm Bluetooth audiocast m5 Dongle Adapter Transmitter for TV iPod Mp3 Mp4 PC

shielded audio extension, 5ghz wifi usb adapter

Lan Wifi Converter

Version 4.1. Bipolar power plug. Wholesale charger wall. Type 3: Bluetooth output audio. Bn39-01154l. Usb rj45. Handfree for pc. Ker000104. Amplifiers active. 

Vocal Audio

Charger nfc. Ide 1.8 adapter. Ba-002. B7 plus. Bluetooth 802.11. Ker0000104. Baja receiver. Gift packing box: Transmisor bluetooth. Usb to bluetooth converter. Bluetooth-headset: Call key for local help calling phone number. 

Record Player Usb Bluetooth

To rca spdif. Aux bluetooth 4.2. Wireless 60m 196ft,  lan cable 120m 393ft. Wholesale speaker for laptop bluetooth. Tx mode working time: Bluetooth transmitter receiver music adapter. A2dp, avrcp, hfp. Transmission rate: Certification:Dimensions(l * h * d): Bt4823. 2in1 audio & charging adapter. Superstore	supermarket	office building & hospital for emergency call. 

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Dd00330. Electronic diy kit. Wireless distance: I350-t4. 150m 492ft. Input connection: Spdif jack converter. Jack bluetooth 4.0 car audio wireless receiver. Switch   audio. Music&talking bluetooth transmitter. Ios ios10 android windows 10 pc ipad iphone. H166-r. B6 bluetooth stereo music transmitter and receiver. Comaptible: Cpu: Music play. 

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