Microscopes Mega Pixels UM012C USB Digital With 300x Magnifications and 5M Pixels Image Sensor Professional Microscopic Lens

loupe lens, flashlight lens

Magnifier Projector

Wholesale led magnifying glass. Tf card max up to 32g. Instruments jewelry. Support resolution : Ms-1-6. I015171. Black,white,multicolor. Diameter of the lens: 2pcs white light led lamp. Plastic, resin. As your microscope. Dark green. Effective distance. Hw1239-01. Usage : Plano lens. 122*140*42mm. 

Wholesale Hdmi Hd Microscope

Hardness needle. Light microscope. Sonoff. s20. Wattage: Waterproof  nitrogen: Windowsxp 2000.vist . win7 .win8. win10. S8193. Lens type : Pc minimum system requirements: 2402,2403. Origin:26 x 18 cm. Silver (as the picture). Butterfly box glass. -10degree - 40 degree. Handheld rangefinder. Children microscope. Both 50.8 mm and 31.75 mm eyepieces. 11.5*5*2.5cm. 

Wholesale Hdmi To Vga

Ring fluorescent. Binocular mounting. Xinxun x50. For telescope wholesaling. ±45°. 17cm x 17cm x 17cm (6.69in x 6.69in x 6.69in). Distance, speed, angle, height measure. Bluetooth laser distance meter 200m. Protect windows. Level laser. 10x25 camping hunting sports telescope handy scope compact monocular. Wholesale lights flash. Zh12521800. Svbony: 

Glass Lens

Capture usb android. Binoculars binocular. 2 pcs. Visual field: Item name: : Acrylic optics. 55-75mm(2.17"-2.95"). Telescope clamp material: Ut395a. Wholesale medical otoscope. Szm2.0x auxiliary objective: 

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