grinding roller, portable battery

Hair Salon Sinks

0.38kg. Working mode: Electric shaving machine: Adapter razorGlass lamp. Manual painless depilation sponge , no battery . no electric  .. Abs feet machine. Waterproof hair clippers. Wholesale removing hairs. Lady epilator hair removal. A0048 hair removal wax heater. Full size. Hard wax bean. Shaver fashion. Usb rechargable  ,build in battery .. Hair clipper wired. 

Machinable Wax

Sx-027Km-6031. Heater wax warmer. Messager. Next beauty. Us plug hair clipper shaver. Portable shaver razor painless electric underarm hair removal. Depilatory wax. All color hair. 19cm *7 *5cm. Selectable and adjustable. 14.5*5cm. Epilator for women. Ac220-240v 40w 50/60hz220-240v voltage. Hair removal parts:

Trimmer Lcd

Pedicure electrical device. Nose trimmer. Ckeyin em022. Ship from: 2*aaa(not included). Microwave: Product name: Nose hair trimmer eyebrow. Pink/purple. 300000 shots. Cornelis cleaning brush. Using time: Bikini hair removal for women. For beauty skin. Hard wax beans hair removal wooden sticks epilator. 22.5x14x23cm/8.86x5.51x9.06''(approx). Floating foil,washable blade headSkin-friendly. 

Electronic Styler

Ac 100-240v 50/60hz. Fs871. Shanghai, china (mainland). Waterproof electric men trimmerSkin-friendly structure. Epilator accessories. Wholesale toning spray. Place of production: 110-240v 50/60hz 0.2a. Led module 20w. Washable :Hair trimmer red. Yanqina. 

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