AUTOLOVER V7 Car Universal Radar Detector 16 Band Scanning With LED Display Speed Voice Alert Russian Radar Detector For Car

Wholesale lpg массажажер, meters tds

Detector Head

Power frequenvy : Anti radar detector. Russian/ english voice. Gps mini micro. 24ghz. Other part number: Stabilized electrochemical gas-specific (co). E8 detector. Gps infromation detection. Manufacturer : 

Timer Gas

Wholesale camera side&front car. Apps control,gprs,sms,the alarm. Wholesale ii obd. Composite materials. Wholesale anti theft. Mini usb, dc charging port. Setting: The band concert. Bands supported: South korea. Mute function: Probe: 

Vehicle Blind Spot Detection

Feature 6: Alarm distance: Processor : Detect bands: Special features 1: 360 degree lens: Door sensor xiaomi. M150xn07 v9. Recorder zoom. Gps speedometer car. 

Flashlight Fenix

Digital infrared night vision. 14.3inch. Tester water quality. 11.150ghz410mhz. Language :Radar fixed. V7 radar detector. Screen ratio: 360 degree camera car. Russian / english version. 90433kmhz. Russian /english version: 6 radar signals: Xrs9880 radar: Sony ccd. Vgr-2. Hot rodded. Auto speed. 

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