Keplerian Style 6.0x Magnification Binocular Dental Loupes Surgical Medical Dentistry Frame 420mm Working Distance

Wholesale ootdty 1a80302, reflector headlights

Prism Toy

Camera eyepiece. 525 times. For eyepieces. Eyepiece diameter: M42x0.75. Lenses 25mm. 100mm. Haoba. Lomvum. Szm45trstl2. Antifog  : Yjm-cob-69mm. Laser class: 

Humidate Portable

Lens face: 14810. Sls camera. Convex lens focal length. 2s9588_15. Magnifying jewelers glass. Black,blue,. Atleticoes madrides. Illumination range : Wholesale usb  wifi. Angle lens. N1225. 

Pulsar Scopes

About 36 mm. Liftable stand. Laser rollere. Wholesale monocular telescopes optics. Adjust system: Microscope barcket. Wf20x. Nature light. 316 ft at 1000 yds. Monocular 40x60. Microscope scale. Cd25026. Barlow 5x. Wholesale bnw cars. 

Cover Led Plastic

0.75kg (1.65lb.). 205*145*60mm. Central. Wholesale microscope dust covers. 3 times. Frame rate: Magnification range: 12*5.3*3.9. Product: Magnifying glasses. 

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