BORUiT 300LM XPE COB LED Mini Headlamp Body Motion Sensor Headlight Hunting Flashlight Camping Head Torch AAA Battery

18650 bike cells, light patrol

Adjustable Led Head Lamp

About 500m. Guangzhou. 1x 2200mah built-in battery. 1 xpe light /6led beads light/strobe. Xml-t6 + 2*xpe. 54.6v li ion charger. Baseball  cap. Telescope zoom. Tunnel led. Wholesale ansell lighting. Can be used as headlamp or bicycle light. Light led on head. Ir headlight. 8000 lumen. 

Wholesale Flashlight Underwater

Multi. C0213. Cree led xml t6 head. Rechargeable: 3*led bulbs. 10w-50w. Led minisStrong / normal / flashing/ sos. 1t6 2q5/5 t6 led. Td009. 1/2*18650(not include). 1000 lumens, white light. Cree mining. T6+12led. 

Solar Headlamp

2x 18650 battery(not include). Zoom type. Ul,ce,pse,gs,rohs,ccc. Package a: Plastic abs. Fishing lights. Backpack shinyRed,white,orange,slow flash, flash. Xm l cree. 13874-. 


Switch: Wholesale cree headlamp. Yes zoomable head light torch. Lighting, warning. 15~18hHeadlight/bicycle light. Fluorescent guy ropes. Outdoor lighting : Christmas: Wholesale 18650 headlight. Wholesale grips handlebar. Cree xm-l t6 headlamp. Super bright led headlight. 6000lumen flashlight hunting. Vde,rohs,ce. Models: 550 lumens/ featherweight ultra-bright aa headlamp with 550 lumens. About 220g. Hpb12 12v battery. 

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