Sinairyu 4GB RAM Android 6.0 7.1 Car DVD GPS Multimedia Player Fit Hyundai IX45 Santa Fe 2012 2014 with WiFi 4G DVR Radio TV

3m polish, hyundai i30 2 din

Wheels 2.2

Front and rear the usb port, mini sd (tf) card. Metal shell. 2014,2008,2010,2013,2012,2015,2011,2009. Audi a4 2007. English,arabic,belarusian,persian,german,finnish,korean,czech,swedish,ukrainian,spain's basque,russian,bulgarian,russian,dutch,romanian,norwegian,thai,hebrew,spanish,italian,indonesia,irish,french,latin,portuguese,turkish,greek,hungarian,polish,danish,filipino,malay,japanese,vietnamese. Wholesale h6. Hyundai,hyundai santa fe 2012. Cirrus logic cs8422. Suzuki s cross sx4. Volvo radio v70. Mp3 player sport bluetooth. Sd card, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, cellphone. Support 4g network,wifi function,support 3g network,built-in speaker/microphone. 4 x 45 watt (max). 2006,2009,2008,2011,2013,2007,2012,2010Avante guarde. 

Dacia Sandero 3

0.49kg2007,2011,2010,2009,2006,2008S1617p. Phonebook transfer & contact search: Jda-c7031. Car dvd player gps navigation navi  for mercedes b200. Dh-2215. Touch screen,built-in gps,mp3 players,cd player,radio tuner,bluetooth. Rockchip px3 quad core. Mirror car. Plasstic ,metal. Tv opel. Vios android. Spanish,french,russian,italian,german,english. Lexus 300 es. 

Mirror Car Android

10.2 inch capacitance touch screen. Handsfree call	dial-up and incoming call automaticsupport a2dp. 6.5 inch monitor. 2011,2009,2012. Car remote android. Cc-r8420. Bluetooth,touch screen,built-in gps,radio tuner,cassette player. Wholesale fluence renault. Free 8gb gps map card. Infrared dual. 

Wholesale Volkswagen Golf 3

Swift 2017 suzuki. 2din android car stereo for cruze: 6kd-6952. Full-range. 10inch subwoofersDvd peugeot 207. Gerllish. Mg zt-t. Wholesale mewant ix45. Android 5.1.1. Car tape recorder. 

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