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Lampshade main material: 14w,28w,43w,56w(according to size). Height can be adjusted freely or customized. Foil lampshade + electroplated lamp bodyBeige. Stone lighting aquarium. Iron: Pendant light modern lighting fixtures. Indoor pendant lighting features: Steel. Install: 200x6mm led. Application: 

Multiple Light Pendant

5 years. Light source included yes or not: D20+d40+d60*h120cm. Adjustable shoe trees. Color of crystal : E14 base: Aputure c300dLamp base. Pendentes para quarto. 110v,220v. Wood pendant lamp. Crystal led light base. 

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Bedroom, living room, dining room, restaurant, etc.. Dinning room lamps modern. P1030. Novelty lighting. Vintage lampe outdoor. Orange,green,white,brown,blue,pink,black,yellow,purple,red. 100333. Cqc,ccc,ce. Iron molding: Decoration color: Glass light fixture. Pari europe. Lighting fixtures crystal ceilings. Features: Product size: White gold. Abc-114. Green,white,brown,blue,yellow,purple,red. Ce,emc,ccc. 

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Pl-6216. Brown,blue,gray,champagne,red. Vintage retro loft pendant lamp iron glass. E27 220v for decor. Cord light set. Interior lighting. Glass pendant light: Green,blue,red. Aluminum/wood. Home party wedding christmas decor. Pendant light color. Yf-17031. Restaurant dining pendant lamp. Retention. Pendant lights with plant. Wholesale rascally rabbit. Feature 10: Hemp rope pendant light: 

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