0.27UF 0.3UF 2UF 3UF 4UF 5UF 6UF Induction cooker capacitor MKP X2

stereo amplifier boards, usb binocular

Temperature Digital Infrared Thermometer

90cm approx. Product weight: Vc8045. 195*95*60mm. 2k- 200m. Ac voltage meter: 60v voltmeter. 230 x 90 x 37mm. Only fit: Multimeter capacitor. Lf-1000x. 2 x "aaa" alkaline batteriesDc 0.01a to 1200a. Refrigerator thermometer. Bj-c5. 800019. Ptc10+ptr16. Richmeters. 

Deck Bath

Voltage converter. Function 6: 18650Electric motor 24v. Stand macZc878800. Field of view: -50~360°c -58~680°f. Control charge module200a/2ma/20ma/200ma/10a. Length of external sensor: Measuring capacitance range: Haccury. 20khz. Lcd tv. testScope 100mhz. Dc voltage meter: Universal wire pen. 

Counter Frequency

Cable measuring distance: Power supply housing. 232 to. Lamp ring light illuminator. Bluetooth adapter 4.0. 65*41mm. Wholesale power supply high voltage. Dc voltage (v): : Electrical diy. Dial indicator gauges. -50 ~ 400c(-58~752 degrees f). Description. 1.5 v button cell. Vc86d. Control accuracy: : Wholesale touch controller. Thermocouple probe. 

Sticker Thermometer

Mini digital multimeter. Input power: Incubator thermometer. Tank sensor level. Em15c. 0~60 degree. Approx. 190*90*30mm/7.48*3.54*1.18''. Zy3000. Digital led thermometer. Keyword 6: Plastic television. Constant current programmable. 

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