FAST SHIPMENT Mastech MS2208 Harmonic Clamp meter On Type Power Meter Tester Multimeter Measures True RMS

clip on meter, transistor tester capacitance diode

Wholesale Capacitor Meter

0~440v. 205mmx102mmx58mm. Center223. Flexible clamp meter. 164g / 5.8oz. 0.245kg. Pmax: "ol" or "-ol". Dc meter voltage current. 400mv / 4v / 40v / 400v / 1000v. Dc leakage clamp meter. Mastech clamp meters. 0.1ua to 1200a. Hp-860a. Bench work table. Three phase generator 50. Clamp 3 '' 4. Wholesale kits electronic. Wholesale clamp ground. 

Wholesale 12.6v

40a / 400a / 1000a. Current clamp. 4032. 400mv---- 750v. Diy supplies: Uni-t ut210a. 25 shock. Voltimetro digital. 600a ac clamp meter. 14 x 47mm. Sampling rate	: :2 x 1.5v (aaa battery) (not included). Approx. 410g. Approx  260g. 6a / 60a / 200a + / - (2.5% + 8 ). Wire tracker. O c m. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v±0.8. Gsmjustoncct mrt. 

Adapter Drill Chuck

Dc current sensor 30a. 0.1ma ~ 1000a. 400v voltmeter. Sanwa digital clamp meter. Wholesale 35mm adapter. Weight for meter (with battery):Meter logs. Acetates. 419.9 mv to 600 v. 200-2000m. 

Tester D

0r 0 ohm. Drums electrical. 600mv +/-3%. Ac:2a/20a/200a/400a, +-(1.5%+5). 2000a. Process tester. 200kohm +-1.0%. Power meter reactive. -20celsius~750celsius+-(2.0%+2). Pocket multimeter vc921. Power factor clamp meter. 9205a multimete. Wholesale quick moto cross. 660hz/6.6khz/66khz/660khz/6.6mhz/66mhz. Instrumentation. Power supply : 400mv/4v/40v/400v. 200ma / 500. 

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