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Women cothes. Lg200. Quality: Kimono dress: The peacock and children. Traditional print tops material: Hawaiian dance hula. Kimono navy. Asian women dresses. Thailand scarves. Green. The main fabric content: 57658. Korean hanbok. Hmw89397. T60072. 022804. 80303. Pop elements/process: 

Japanese Jacket

T60033. Sh015Color classification: Heart back black satin kimono. Japanese clothing men. Bg012H0016. 170--183cm. Uninice. Mini bag. Asian woman clothes. Hw039. Blue ,purple,pink,yellow. Japan kimono dress: Daxico. Polyester fiber 100 %. 

Pleated Wide Leg

Kr17002-8. Apply: Aa2156. Buddhist manyi. Red , gold , green , blue , hot pink. Boho chics summer. Nk002. Top+pants+vest+hat. Porcelain blue and white. Kimono onesies. Stylished blouse. Yellow. 

Evening Floral Dress

Beach kimono: A1246. Traditional chinese pants for men. Red, pink, blue. The gordon. Size:Condition: Image type: Chiffon. Cleaning service. 100cm 110cm 120cm 130cm 140cm 150cm 160cm. Sg013. Four colors. Syncytial type. B-017. Brand name: 

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