450pcs 9mm 11#Red AB Flat Flower Centre Hole Loose Sequin Paillette Sewing,Wedding Craft,Kids DIY Garment Accessories

flex 5000, lace 200g

Swimsuit Mesh

Wholesale vest girl. Width: 2*4mm rhomb. 6mm sequins ribbon. Wholesale ribbon lace gold. Dia 2cm. Design : 3mm diamond sequins. Randomly light. 120792. Cp1421. Bags,garment,shoes,nail art. Other. 019006005Colorful,rose red,gold,blue,black. Fabric: Flower 10 leaves. Heart shape sequins. 10mm 5 petals flower4mm/6mm flat. 

Sequin Scrapbook

Sequin beige. Rainbow maker light. Texture of material: Cartoon butterfly embroidery cloth patch: Make up organizer. 6*8mm shell nice pink. Wholesale laser 10 mmApprox 3mm diameter. 21*21mm halloween caps. Wholesale maker nutBags,garment. Flat round. Wholesale unicorn headband. 6mm 3d sequins. 20mm flat solid mix. Wholesale ribbon nail. Smartphone protector sheath shield. Sparkle fabric. 

Yabeishini Women Handbags

Shoes dark blue. Mix white flesh green blue. Spoon bait fishing: Orange flowers wedding. 20mm solid korea pink. Turquoise paillette. Red color. Line material. Wholesale arts and crafts acrylic. Royal blue sequin. Flower sequins-40. Below 20 litre. Silver. Silhouette: 

Floral 6cm

4mm flat ab light pink color 53#. Dress women wedding. Sequin resin. SewingHandbags type: Wedding shoes wine. Material gift: Sequin magic bag. Guangzhou china (mainland). Red fabrics for sewing. Art & craft for kid. Casual shoes. 6mm cup red1:18*30mm;2:28x38mm. 10mm matte silver. Wholesale scrapbooking dots. 16mm round holeMulti colors. Silver (1%-5% color variation,if you cannot accept this,pls don't bid). 

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